Out of the Box: Secrets from the Archive

1st Mar 2020 - 31st Jul 2020

Visitors to the house can enjoy an introduction to our archive cataloguing project as part of their admission ticket.

The current exhibition, aptly named 'Out of the Box: Secrets from the Archive, showcases a landmark project currently underway at Abbotsford, which involves Abbotsford's Collections team arranging and cataloguing the Scott family archive for the very first time.

It seems as though Jean Maxwell, the last of Scott's direct descendants to live at Abbotsford, and her elder sister Patricia inherited the collecting enthusiasm of their great-great-great grandfather. Across the upper floors of the buildings lie hundreds of boxes and thousands of sleeping stories. The generous support of Abbotsford’s funders has allowed the team to begin lifting the lid, to let the secrets of the archive...out the box.

Kirsty, Abbotsford's Collections and Interpretations Manager, said:"It is thought this venture will reveal a great deal about the private and public lives of Scott's descendants, who are as much a part of the rich tapestry of Abbotsford’s history as its original creator.

"For the first time we will have a window on their hopes, fears, dreams and secrets, and start to understand how they felt about this place and the legacy they had inherited. We'll appreciate how they tried to distinguish themselves in their own right as historians, collectors and public figures and we'll appreciate what they chose to add to the story of Abbotsford over time - or indeed to take away."

This project was made possible by the generous support of Abbotsford's funders. If you would like to support the Archive project and the wider work of the Abbotsford Trust, please visit our 'Support Us' page.

Abbotsford Trust Limited is a registered charity. Scottish Charity No SC037425.

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