This room served Scott as a study until 1824, when he moved into his new study and turned this room into a breakfast parlour. Today, it houses the changing programme of exhibitions focusing on Scott's as well as his descendants' lives.

Upon completion of the last wing of the house in 1824, Scott relocated his study. The changed function of the room was described by Scott as ‘a breakfasting parlour, or boudoir if that word be more fashionable, which serves the woman-kind of the family for making their tea or sewing their samplers’.

The room remained in use as a breakfasting parlour for several generations after Scott’s death. It was converted to a space for temporary exhibitions during the major redevelopment works which took place in 2012-2013. Visitors can now enjoy a changing programme of exhibitions focusing on specific aspects of Scott’s life and work and that of his descendants the Hope Scotts and Maxwell Scotts.

Current Exhibition

The exhibition room is now showcasing a landmark project currently underway at Abbotsford - to arrange and catalgoue the Abbotsford Scott family archive for the very first time. Visitors to the house can enjoy an introduction to the new project, Out of the Box: Secrets from the Archive, as part of their admission ticket.. Find out more about Out of the Box: Secrets from the Archive.