Find out more about the work of the Abbotsford Ranger Service on biodiversity, path maintenence and more.

Abbotsford Ranger Service is responsible for maintaining and improving the biodiversity of the estate, enthusing members of the public with the amazing nature we have to offer and ensuring that Abbotsford is a safe and accessible place for everyone to enjoy.

The Estates Volunteers and Volunteer Path Wardens play a vital part in the Abbotsford Ranger Service. The Path Wardens keep the Estate looking in tip top condition, litter picking five days a week, and are the eyes and ears for the estate. Our Estates Volunteers get hands on maintaining and improving paths, planting trees, eradicating invasive species and even assisting in putting up a 20ft Christmas tree, to name a few things! All our volunteers contribute to important work on the estate that keeps Abbotsford and its paths accessible for the enjoyment of visitors.

Throughout the year, but particularly over the summer months, we will be carrying out regular biological surveys on the estate to investigate what, other than Sir Walter Scott, calls Abbotsford home. This will help inform our plans moving forward for what we can do to maintain and improve biodiversity on the estate. Our trailcams are also put up regularly to give us a glimpse of what wildlife on the estate gets up to once we’ve all gone home, and has so far captured badgers, foxes, roe deer, stoats, rabbits and plenty of birds. You can see our trailcam footage by checking out our Facebook page. While you’re out walking the estate, keep an eye out for nuthatches, treecreepers and great spotted woodpeckers that can regularly been seen and heard in the woodland. Along the river, try not to miss the elusive kingfisher and the playful otter that have made the Tweed and it’s banking their home. We also have ‘Keep an Eye Out For...’ posters that are regularly updated to give you an idea of what nature to look out for when you’re exploring the estate which can be found on our Family Fun page.

The Abbotsford Ranger Service will be delivering a number of activities for all ages throughout the year, so keep an eye on our What’s On page to find out more about the events and activities we have coming up, including summer holiday activities for children and Ranger walks of the estate. We also have fun activity sheets that you can do with your little ones while they adventure on the estate which can be downloaded from our Family Fun page and are regularly updated to reflect the seasonal changes on the estate.

If you have an enquiry for the Abbotsford Ranger Service contact the Estate Ranger, Anna, at