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Find out how your donations make a difference.

The Abbotsford Trust relies on your donations to fulfil our mission to preserve Abbotsford and the legacy of Sir Walter Scott. All donations are used to achieve our charitable objectives:

To preserve, protect and improve the Abbotsford buildings and contents and land associated with Sir Walter Scott and his family for the benefit and enjoyment of the public;


To advance the education of the public in relation to the life and works of Sir Walter Scott and the history of Abbotsford. With your support we can continue to achieve this important goal: today and for future generations.

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Donations to the Abbotsford Trust may be directed to a number of areas, including:

Heritage & Conservation

These funds are used to help protect the fabric of the Abbotsford buildings and conserve Sir Walter Scott’s unique collection. For example, every year during our winter season, when the house is closed to the public, the Abbotsford team undertake an extensive cleaning process to ensure that every one of Scott’s 9,000 books and 4,000 antiques and objects are safe from damage and dust-free.

The Maida Fund

Named after Scott’s faithful hound, the Maida Fund is the Abbotsford Trust’s Endowment Fund. The ultimate target for this fund is £3m, the interest from which will provide the Trust with an annual source of income which will significantly assist us in our financial stability and provide a much-needed security buffer should emergency funds ever be needed.

Gardens & Estates

The Abbotsford Trust is currently embarking on an extensive project to improve the Abbotsford Gardens & Estates for the public. Key aims include, increasing accessibility within the walled gardens and wider estate, restoring Scott’s Orangery, and improving our Outdoor Learning & Engagement programmes.

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Unless specified, all donations to the Abbotsford Trust are unrestricted, meaning that they will be directed to whichever project area the Trust feels takes priority at the time of receipt. If you would like your donation to be directed towards a specific project or area of need, please specify this when making your donation, or contact the Development Officer by telephone on 01896 752043 or by email at friends@scottsabbotsford.co.uk

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