Support us and become part of the Abbotsford story.

As a charitable organisation, we rely on your generosity to help safeguard Abbotsford and Sir Walter Scott’s legacy for future generations.

There are a number of ways you can support the Abbotsford Trust including making a donation, joining our Friends or Patrons schemes, and volunteering.

Why Support the Abbotsford Trust

Abbotsford, the Home of Sir Walter Scott, is one of the most renowned houses in the world. It reflects the imagination, enthusiasms and preoccupations of the man who designed and built it, and is the physical embodiment of the classic Scott novel: a delightful and dramatic reinterpretation of Scotland’s past, charmingly laid out for the cultural enrichment of its future.

You can help to preserve this extraordinary historic legacy, by supporting the Abbotsford Trust.

Our mission is:

To preserve, protect and improve the Abbotsford buildings and contents and land associated with Sir Walter Scott and his family for the benefit and enjoyment of the public;


To advance the education of the public in relation to the life and works of Sir Walter Scott and the history of Abbotsford.

With your support we can continue to achieve this important goal: today and for future generations.

For more information on how donations to the Abbotsford Trust are used, please refer to our Mission section.

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