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    Mary, Queen of Scott's Fascination

    17th Jan 2019

    Here at Abbotsford, we like to continue Sir Walter Scott’s tradition of championing stories from Scotland’s rich and chequered past. In the last six months, two of Scotland’s most famous ...

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    Last chance to view trio of rarely seen artworks

    14th Nov 2018

    Visitors to Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott between Melrose and Galashiels, have only a short time left to see three rarely seen watercolour paintings before they disappear back into private ...

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    A Glimpse into Turner's Mind

    17th Oct 2018

    As a legacy of the Turner Bequest in 1856, the Tate became home to a vast collection of sketchbooks that belonged to the artist J. M. W. Turner. These private notebooks offer a unique insight into the...

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    Memories of Abbotsford - Unexpected Souvenirs

    27th Sep 2018

    Historic houses give us an insight into the lives of those who built and lived in them over the centuries. We believe that the stories we tell should not only be informed by what we find inside these ...

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    It wouldn’t be a birthday without embarrassing baby pictures...

    15th Aug 2018

    Like many of us, Scott was not terribly enthusiastic about growing old. In his diary, he remarked disapprovingly that ‘the outside of my head is waxing grizzled but I cannot find that the snow has ...

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    Memories of Abbotsford - Discovering the Borderlands

    31st Jul 2018

    Historic houses give us an incredible insight into the lives of those who occupied them over the centuries. We believe that the stories we tell should not only be informed by what we find inside these...

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    It's our Birthday! Looking back on 5 Years with 5 Highlights

    17th Jul 2018

    Time flies when you’re working hard and the years have certainly flown by at Abbotsford. It has been 11 years since the founding of The Abbotsford Trust and this July, we celebrate 5 years since ...

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    Hurray for the Braw Lad and Braw Lass!

    28th Jun 2018

    Excitement is mounting as we look forward to welcoming Braw Lad Greg Kellie, Braw Lass Kimberley O’May and their Attendants Greg, Amy, Mark and Alex to Abbotsford as part of the Galashiels Braw Lads...

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    The Top 3 Works by Scott - As Voted by our Volunteers

    14th Jun 2018

    For the 2018 Borders Book Festival, we asked our volunteers for their opinion: With an oeuvre spanning a variety of genres, topics and styles, it is difficult to pinpoint which are Scott's best works...

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    On Scott's Circle of Friends

    23rd Apr 2018

    Scott’s circle of friends encompassed lords and ladies of the very highest rank, just as much as it did business partners and the men and women working on his estate and in the household. ...

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    Memories of Abbotsford

    25th Jun 2017

    History isn’t simply about the four walls of that place you visit on your day out. It’s very much about the feeling you get standing in those four walls, and at Abbotsford, it’s that feeling of ...

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    The next step

    29th Nov 2016

    The continuing challenge for Abbotsford is to safeguard the long term future of the iconic building that Scott created and that is the physical manifestation of the imagination of a man so important ...

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    And Time Stood Still...

    24th Nov 2016

    We've reached that time of the year when many take a few moments to reflect on their experiences. We take so many aspects of our time for granted, yet as we reach the final months, it all seems to...

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    Wrap Yourself in Autumn

    4th Oct 2016

    Scott loved autumn at Abbotsford, and taking a walk around the woodlands of the estate and along the banks of the Tweed, it’s easy to see why. Before the leaves slowly start falling one by one, the ...

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    A Tale of Two Harps

    16th Jun 2016

    Our collections tend to be fairly static because of their very nature; we are not a Walter Scott museum and don't buy filler material on a theme or on the man as a general rule. We exist to showcase ...

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    Rave Reviewer: On the Evolution of an Exhibition

    28th Mar 2016

    My apologies for going completely dark; the closure season seemed to go past in the blink of an eye! We achieved a great deal over the winter, hand-cleaning all of Scott’s books, waxing all of the ...

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