Sir Walter Scott Inspired Art created by Wee Blue Press

26th May 2021

Meet Emma, the incredible artist behind Wee Blue Press, who was commissioned to produce limited addition prints for the Walter Scott’s 250th anniversary celebrations.

Emma with her finished print at Abbotsford

Emma is a local artist who was commissioned to produce 20 unique limited addition prints for the Walter Scott’s 250th anniversary. Scott’s quote ‘Wood, water, and wilderness have an irresistible charm for me’ inspired Emma to make these original prints with nature elements found around the estate. Emma said “It is difficult not to be struck by how much Scott loved nature- the gardens, the trees, the Tweed- and although the landscape has changed considerably over the last 200 years, the essence remains”.

Emma sketching at Abbotsford

In her art, Emma uses handmade paper from local business TideKettle and two distinct techniques called dry-point etching and mono-printing. These are combined to create her unique artwork. She interacts with nature in an imaginative way, using leaves and feathers found outside to create her art. In this instance, she used natural materials found on the estate grounds to create these colourful prints.

Finished print available in the Abbotsford Shop

Emma’s limited addition prints and copies are available at the Abbotsford Shop where you can find these prints alongside other great nature inspired products.

For more information about Emma and her work, check out the Wee Blue Press website.

You can also find out more about the Walter Scott 250th celebrations on the Walter Scott 250 website.