New Ceramics Range for Sir Walter Scott's 250th Birthday Anniversary

1st October 2021

A talented ceramist from the Scottish Borders, Belinda Glennon, was commissioned by Abbotsford to create a range of ceramics for Sir Walter Scott’s 250th birthday anniversary. This gorgeous, functional range can also be used as a whisky set! The range includes vases, whisky tumblers, water jugs and nibble bowls.

Belinda took inspiration from the beautiful plants and trees along the banks of the River Tweed as well as the sandstone of the Abbotsford house itself. With a combination of different glazes, she achieved this traditional yet unique finish. Each piece was individually moulded and painted by hand to create these one-of-a-kind ceramics.

The textured bottom coupled with a glazed finish at the top makes these pieces very tactile due to the contrast between the surface areas. In combination with the colours used, these pieces stand out and make for a beautiful addition to your crockery.

Bring a piece of the Abbotsford landscape home with you with one or all four pieces of the handmade ceramics from the range.

The ceramic range is now available exclusively at the Abbotsford Shop.