Experience the benefits of slow travel at Abbotsford

7th December 2021

So often, we find ourselves coming back from overseas trips and staycations feeling more tired than before we even left. Here at Abbotsford, in the heart of the Scottish Borders, we are absolutely spoiled for a choice of locations to unwind in, and we want to encourage guests to participate in the latest travel trend: slow travel. 

Unlike the usual travel trends that come and go, slow travel has been around for a while. Only now are its benefits coming to light for a wider audience. We all tend to be guilty of trying to squeeze as much as we can into such a small window when taking some hard-earned time off work. Slow travel allows us to take the time to truly enjoy our breaks without strict schedules and to-do lists. 

When slow travelling, the experiences you participate in are much more meaningful. In short, it’s about forming connections with a place – like Abbotsford – and keeping them with you forever. So, instead of going at a 100-mile-an-hour pace, take it slow.  Visit Scotland has put together some of the ways you can enjoy slow travelling in Scotland, which can include a stay in the unique surroundings at Abbotsford:

Enjoy a stay at Abbotsford

If you fancy immersing yourself in our little corner of Scotland, we welcome you to stay in our fabulous, luxury 5-star accommodation in the Abbotsford Hope Scott Wing. Our historic country retreat was once home to Sir Walter Scott’s granddaughter, Charlotte Hope Scott. 

Relax in our sanctuary from busy everyday life whilst taking a deep delve into the very best of Scottish heritage.  Abbotsford was Scott's sanctuary and has welcomed visitors sine the 19th Century looking for an escape from a busy life.  Guests in the Hope Scott Wing have included St John Henry Newman, who stayed with Charlotte and her husband James at  aturbulent time in his life.  You can see his vestments in the chapel next to the wing.

Curl up with a good book in the Lockhart Library, play a gentle melody on the baby grand piano in the sitting room, or relax with a game of snooker in the Billiards Room.  There's plenty of space within the Hope Scott Wing for guests to find a quiet corner and switch off from the everyday bustle of a busy life.

Take it slow

Scotland is famous for its outdoor playgrounds, and we’re no different. Our woodland and riverside walks offer the perfect escape away from any sort of technology, something we would always recommend!

Adventures don’t always have to happen at 100 miles per hour. The Abbotsford Estate has a hugely diverse mix of habitats, allowing you to get even more in touch with nature as you enjoy a walk with our way-marked paths through the woodlands or along the banks of the River Tweed. You might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of our watery wildlife, including the resident otters. 

Stay a wee while longer

Lastly, guests of Abbotsford are always welcome and encouraged to extend their stay if they have the time. We want to ensure that you get the most out of your visit or stay with us, and sometimes booking a longer trip will allow you to go home feeling a deeper connection. In fact, we think it’ll make you want to come back for more!

Take a look at our availability to book your trip today. We look forward to welcoming you.