16th April 2021

Head Gardener Tim discusses early Spring work in the Abbotsford gardens as we prepare to re-open to visitors on Monday 26th April

We have had some very sunny, pleasant days recently. However, these seem to be followed by very cold and frosty nights which has meant delaying our planting schedule until milder night time temperatures appear. The new planting in the Morris garden is taking shape with the ornamental trees and shrubs being planted in March. The herbaceous plants are waiting in the wings and we hope to plant up these areas early next week.

The Spring bulbs planted on the banking’s in the Morris garden last Autumn have created a stunning display with the blues and yellows from Puschkinia Libanotica, Scilla Mischtschenkoana, Muscari Latifolium, Puschkinia Libanotica, Narcissi Topolino, Narssisi Silver Chimes all complementing each other and with Camassia alba coming into flower soon the display will last until June. The orchard in the walled garden is displaying Fritillaria meleagris with their nodding bell shaped flower heads. The Alliums are showing their greenery in the orchard and amongst the perennials in the double borders including the stunning Schubertii and will provide a good display into May.

Seed sowing has been under way for a few weeks in the greenhouse with a wide variety of vegetables. Our seed potatoes are chitted ahead of been planted, again a delay due to the frosty nights. Varieties include Nadine, Arran Pilot, Pentland Javelin, King Edward and Duke of York. We are currently propagating our annuals which include Cosmos, annual Dahlia, Rudbeckia, Nicotiana, Chleome, Salvia, Candytuft and Zinnia.

With the house, garden and visitor centre set to open on 26th April we were pleased to welcome back our garden and estate volunteers. They are an enthusiastic addition to our team and their efforts always much appreciated.