Abbotsford Wins CIE Tours Award of Excellence

25th April 2024

Abbotsford has won an Award based on feedback from tour group customers from North America. 

Abbotsford's guided tours for tour groups are run by a fantastic team of volunteer guides. 

The Award was given by Irish coach tour operator, CIE Tours, which recognises the quality of the UK’s hotels and visitor attractions by giving an Award of Excellence to those who have received a greater than 90% customer satisfaction rating over the previous year.

Abbotsford has won awards from CIE since 2014, with a highlight of winning Best Visitor Attraction in 2022.

Volunteers Nancy, Richard and Rachel with the award.

The awards are based on feedback from 12,000 visitors on around 200 providers of accommodation, dining, tours and attractions from throughout the UK, with awards being given to all venues achieving over 90% in satisfaction.  The providers with the best satisfaction score in each category are recognised with a Gold Award.

Managing Director of CIE Tours Stephen Cotter said: “UK tourism has shown incredible resilience in recent years, and I am proud and impressed that we are able to celebrate the quality of the UK’s offer, despite the pandemic and recruitment issues post-Brexit.

“The level of demand from North America for UK tours enjoyed a terrific jump in 2023 due to pent up demand.  2024 has stabilised but we have introduced innovative new or reimagined tours to generate interest."He continues: “Demand for Scotland remains particularly high and one of our most popular tours is almost completely sold out for 2024.”

On the operator’s updated Scottish & Irish Sampler tour, travellers visit three capital cities – Edinburgh, Belfast, and Dublin – and experience both popular attractions and hidden gems.

Mr Cotter explained: “Our focus on both urban and rural tourism is part of our sustainability goal of partnering with a diverse set of regional and independent businesses to extend economic benefits into local communities.”

Mr Cotter shared that in 2024 and beyond, CIE Tours will continue its commitment to sustainability, which launched last year with the establishment of a Responsible Tourism policy.  The company is implementing a carbon strategy and has employed a dedicated sustainability manager to work with tourism partners to identify projects that will benefit the environment and local communities.  The company also aims to share innovation across suppliers to increase the pace of change.

Mr Cotter concluded: “Year on year huge effort is made by our partners to improve and enhance their offerings based on the feedback we provide to them from our annual visitor surveys.   Their dedication and commitment help to maintain the UK’s reputation as a leading destination for US visitors. We are delighted to recognise their contribution to tourism, and the contribution they make to their local communities in terms of jobs and wealth creation”.