Unlock the magical mysteries of Abbotsford with your school group today!

Cabinet of Curiosities (all levels)

Follow in Scott’s footsteps and use his amazing collection of objects and artefacts as a stimulus for poetry and creative writing. Explore the historic house with a member of the learning team and discover a house jam-packed with strange objects and even stranger stories! This session encourages pupils to extract information from a variety of sources by taking notes as they explore. The follow-up workshop encourages students to reflect on what they have seen and heard and to distil their experience into a list poem. A great session for learners at all levels.

Curriculum links: English and Literacy, Social Studies

Duration: 2 hours

£3.50 per pupil

Visitor Centre Exhibition Visit

Who was Sir Walter Scott, what did he do and what impact did he have on Scotland and the rest of the world? Explore the objects, stories and treasures on display in our visitor centre exhibition and discover the life and work of one of Scotland’s greatest figures. Working in small groups, use a trail (available in paper format or for use on school iPads) to discover the objects and stories on display and group discussion to bring Scott’s story to life. Includes a new display on Witch Corner – our new sculpture trail inspired by Sir Walter’s love of tales of the supernatural, witchcraft and folklore. This session works well as an introduction to Scott before a visit to the historic house or Witch Corner.

Curriculum links: Expressive Arts, Literacy and English and Social Studies

Duration: recommended 30 - 45 minutes – timings are flexible so please discuss at time of booking

£3.50 per pupil