Early Years

Unlock the magical mysteries of Abbotsford with your school group today!

These sessions are specifically designed for the Early Years and would suit children visiting us as part of a playgroup, nursery group or afterschool club.

Please note these sessions are just a starting point and we can combine different activities, exploratory play, walks and snack time to suit your needs and the time available!

We also work closely with schools on bespoke projects and can tailor any of the sessions in this programme to your needs – please just contact our friendly Learning team to discuss your ideas.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you soon!

Living in the Past

This lively session encourages children to think about their own lives and compare how we live now with life in the past. Pupils start their visit in the learning centre with an object handling session using real domestic objects such as a chamber pot, candlesticks and a hogshead. Discover how people kept clean, stayed warm and entertained themselves then explore the historic house and discover what life was like for Sir Walter and his family in his amazing house. A great session to introduce younger children to historic places and for thinking about health & wellbeing and staying healthy.

Curriculum links: Social Sciences, Health & Wellbeing, Literary and English

Duration: 1 hour

£3.50 per pupil

Stories and Songs: Sir Walter's Lost Ideas

Sir Walter Scott’s pet dog Maida and Hinse the cat need your help; Sir Walter has lost all his ideas and he desperately needs them back to write more stories! Meet some colourful characters during an introductory story in the learning centre then go on a treasure hunt round the historic house with clues and objects to find and songs and actions to learn. A gentle, fun way to introduce young children to a historic place and the magic of storytelling.

Curriculum links: Expressive Arts, Literacy and English, Social Sciences

Duration: 2 hours

£3.50 per pupil

Scott's Sticks and Stories

Explore the beautiful woods and fields at Abbotsford on a fun guided walk and gather natural materials to create a special story stick as you go along. Inspired by Sir Walter’s journey sticks – which helped him to remember tales and ballads he gathered during his journeys around the Borders – this session introduces children to the great outdoors through storytelling and creative play.

Curriculum links: Expressive Arts, Literacy and English, Social Sciences

Duration: 1 hour

£3.50 per pupil

Fairytale Castles

Scott created an unusual and fascinating home at Abbotsford! Explore the weird and wonderful shapes, textures and details of the building with observational drawing outside then build your own fairy tale castles and dens with found natural materials. This session builds children’s awareness and understanding of historical places and people through creative activities.

Curriculum links: Expressive Arts, Literacy and English, Numeracy

Duration: 1.5 hours

£3.50 per pupil

How to book your visit

Visit times are available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Please download a School Visit Booking Form and email your completed form to learning@scottsabbotsford.co.uk. A member of the Learning team will then contact you at a suitable time to discuss your proposed visit and booking.  Alternatively, please call us on 01896 752 043 or email us.

Please note that all led sessions with a member of the Learning team must be pre-booked and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Admission is by invoice after your visit.