Offering quiet comfort and intimacy, Abbotsford offers something truly unique; a well kept secret, stirring the imagination of all those who venture to this peaceful place, created by a true literary master.

Etched through the very history of Abbotsford, breathing life into each and every space in this beautiful building, are the stories of the love and devotion Sir Walter Scott had for his wife Charlotte and their four children.

As a mansion which continues to hold the admiration of many a celebrated guest, Abbotsford, with its variety of stunning ceremony rooms and baronial elegance, provides the ideal location to exchange your wedding vows in the presence of beloved family and friends.

Sir Walter Scott’s Library – Maximum capacity 70 guests including bridal party

Completed in 1824 and, to many, the most iconic room at Abbotsford, Scott’s magnificent library borrows elements from Rosslyn Chapel and adds the author’s flair for the unique to create a truly memorable space for your ceremony.

You will exchange your vows in this edifice to the written word, which is home to Scott’s personal collection of over 7,000 volumes, and has stunning views over the River Tweed.

Chinese Drawing Room – Maximum capacity 30 guests including bridal party

If the library was Scott’s domain, then the drawing room belonged to his beloved wife, Charlotte. Over the generations, this room has resounded with music and laughter in equal measure, and shares the wonderful Tweed views with the library.

The exquisite Cantonese wallpaper that gives this room its name depicts the Five Blessings of Health, Luck, Happiness, Long-Life, and Wealth, providing a truly felicitous backdrop to your ceremony.

The Family Chapel – Maximum capacity 40 guests including bridal party

For those seeking a Catholic ceremony, the simple intimacy of our historic family chapel provides the perfect setting for your special day.

Built for Charlotte and James Hope Scott in 1855, it was used for private worship by the family as recently as 2004. It is still used to celebrate mass today.

The Gardens

For an outdoor wedding, nowhere is more romantic than Abbotsford’s immaculate gardens. Conceived during the Regency period and designed as ‘outdoor rooms’, the gardens offer a tranquil and beautiful space for you to exchange your vows amidst the scent of flowers and the soft buzzing of the occasional bee, all overlooked by Abbotsford’s iconic East façade.

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