Scott had four children, Sophia, Walter, Anne and Charles.

SOPHIA SCOTT (1799-1837)

Charlotte Sophia Scott was born in 1799, the eldest of Scott’s four children and his favourite. Sophia was a dutiful daughter and an accomplished singer and harpist.

In 1820 Sophia married the writer and editor John Gibson Lockhart, who was also Sir Walter Scott’s friend and later his most famous biographer. Their children included John, the “Hugh Littlejohn” of Scott’s Tales of a Grandfather, who died aged 10, Walter and Charlotte. Sophia died aged 38 in 1837.

WALTER SCOTT (1801-1847)

Walter Scott fulfilled his father’s military ambitions by becoming an accomplished soldier. Scott purchased his son a commission and he joined the army initially as Cornet before being promoted to Captain and Lieutenant Colonel of the 15th King’s Hussars. He married Jane Jobson in 1825, but by the time of death in 1847 there was no issue, and the Abbotsford estate passed to his eldest sister’s children.

ANNE SCOTT (1803-1833)

Following her elder sister’s marriage, Anne she took Sophia’s place, entertaining her parents and guests with harp music and songs. She remained unmarried and cared for her mother on her deathbed and her father during ill health. Anne often accompanied Scott on his travels and was profoundly affected by his death, passing away in 1833.

CHARLES SCOTT (1805-1841)

Charles Scott read Law at Brasenose College, Oxford and was appointed to a Clerkship with the Foreign Office in 1827. In 1831 he was appointed to a position within the British Embassy in Naples. In October 1841, He accompanied Sir John o’Neill on a mission to the Court of Persia but died of fever almost immediately on his arrival in Tehran.