Patricia Maxwell Scott was born in 1921 and married Harold Boulton in 1944. The marriage was annulled and Patricia reverted to the Maxwell Scott surname in 1951.

Patricia dedicated much of her life to Abbotsford. During her lifetime visitor numbers rose to their peak of 80,000 a year and both she and her younger sister Jean are still fondly remembered in the local community. Patricia was awarded the OBE and died in 1998, leaving Abbotsford to Jean, a lady-in-waiting to Princess Alice of Gloucester.

Jean had been appointed Dame Commander, Royal Victorian Order, in 1984. Dame Jean also trained horses, including Sir Wattie, Olympic silver medallist and double Badminton champion. Jean maintained Abbotsford as a visitor attraction during the difficult period following the outbreak of foot and mouth disease and the drop in American visitors following the terrorist attacks in 2001 and died in 2004.