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The Descendants of Sir Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott married Charlotte Charpentier in 1797. By the time of his death in 1832 he had four surviving children; Sophia, Walter, Anne and Charles.

Scott’s children


Scott had 4 children, Sophia, Walter, Anne and Charles

Charlotte and John Hope Scott


Charlotte had married James Hope, but on inheriting Abbotsford she and James adopted the surname Hope Scott

Mary Monica Maxwell Scott


Mary Monica Hope Scott was born in 1852 and married the Hon Joseph Constable-Maxwell in 1874.

Major General Sir Walter Maxwell Scott


Major General Sir Walter Maxwell Scott was born in 1875. He married Mairi Richmond Macdougall in 1918

Dame Jean and Mrs Patricia Maxwell Scott


Patricia Maxwell Scott was born in 1921 and married Sir Harold Hugh Christian Boulton in 1944.

The Abbotsford Trust


Upon the death of Dame Jean there were a number of descendants of the other children of Mary Monica Maxwell Scott.

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